Communicate Effectively

At Charlie’s Dog Obedience Training in Richmond, Indiana, we follow a no-nonsense approach to training your beloved pet. We provide one-on-one training programs tailored to the unique needs of your dog. We also teach dog owners how to communicate effectively with their pets.


Initial Evaluation

This requires a wellness exam from a licensed veterinarian within the last six months and up-to-date vaccines. The meet-and-greet allows us to observe your dog’s behavior and your interaction with them.

We assess your dog's knowledge of basic commands and recommend the most suitable course. The cost for the evaluation is $40.00 and is not required for the Puppy course.


  • A printed copy of up-to-date vaccines that I can keep. (DHPPL, rabies and kennel cough).
  • 5-6 ft. regular leash. NO retractables or harnesses.
  • We recommend purchasing a treat pouch for training.
  • Bring high value treats. We use tricky trainers…available on amazon.
  • Family members are welcomed but we ask that you make other arrangements for children under 10.

Puppy Course

The Puppy Course is designed for puppies minimum age of 8 weeks. The course must be completed by the time the puppy reaches 17 weeks. We cover basic concepts like rules, boundaries, potty training, crate training, socialization and basic commands. This is the best place to start to prepare your puppy for the Basic Obedience course.

Cost $80.00.

Basic Obedience

The Basic Obedience Course is for dogs 4 months and older.  We teach your dog core commands that form the foundation of obedience. We expand on these commands to help your dog learn manners and maintain calm behavior. We will guide you on how to provide reinforcement and correct unwanted behaviors effectively.

Cost  $395

Advanced Obedience option 1

The Advanced Obedience Course builds on the foundation laid in the basic course and applies it to social settings. This course aims to give your dog the discipline needed for an adventurous life.

Cost $395

Advanced Obedience option 2

This course teaches off-leash obedience and recall from a distance. We use a long line and e-collar to ensure your dog's safety.

Cost  $395

Reactive Course

The Reactive Course is for dogs with fearfulness, anxiety, aggression and uncontrollable excitement. We work on basic obedience commands, build confidence and teach them how to respond to stressors.

Cost $650

Drop-Off and Train

For self-motivated individuals, the Drop-Off and Train Course allows us to train your dog while you observe from the sidelines. This provides the dog with the consistency and clarity they need for training.
Cost $425

Single Sessions and Refresher Courses

Single Sessions are perfect for those struggling with a particular issue. This allows us time to focus on a single problem. Refresher Courses are for dogs who have completed one of our courses but want to refresh their knowledge. Refresher course does not apply to the reactive course.

Cost  single session $60 

Cost refresher course $40

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Ponder and Pick

Review the list of our services and choose the best fit for your pet's needs.