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About us

At Charlie’s we focus on giving one-on-one attention to our clients and provide them with the knowledge and tools needed to help their dog succeed. We work with both owner and dog in order to establish the necessary communications for your dog to become a well-behaved, lovable friend. We look forward to getting to know you and your pup!

My story of being a dog owner is just like so many other dog owners’ stories. You fall in love with a puppy. It is cute, playful, fun, and then one day it all changes! You wake up and have a dog that is out of control, not listening to you, and you do not know what to do. One day, I finally decided to do something to help both myself and Charlie. My dog Charlie inspired me to become a dog trainer. After seeing his progress and change in his behavior, I realized that there was help for dogs like Charlie. His legacy will live on in your dog, as we go through the process of teaching you how to “speak dog”!

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