Sharri Kendall

The Training Course is AWESOME!!

-All I can say is that Bentley and I learned a lot from the training course. Bentley was out of control and was going to hurt someone. The training classes not only taught Bentley, but taught me that I had to take control and that Bentley had to listen to me. It is so nice that Bentley now has manners and understands my commands. I can’t thank Donna enough for the training course. It is definitely a game changer and so nice that we can now have company and I know that Bentley will behave. Thank you!! And Bentley Thanks you too!!

Jaimie Crow

I Cannot Say Thank you Enough!

-Donna doesn’t only give your animals the confidence durning training, but also gives you the confidence to learn how to control your dogs! Taking our dogs on a simple walk was an absolute horror, they would pull you through the neighborhood, chase after everything they could, it was a nightmare, my arm would hurt for days after one walk! After training with Donna, our 6 year old daughter now walk (with our supervision) our 70 pound Irish Dane with no problem at all!! I HIGHLY recommend Charlie’s Dog Obedience to anyone looking for help with their dogs! It will be the best decision you have ever made as a dog owner! I must warn you though, your dog WILL fall in love with Donna!

Vernon Guess

Donna is The Best!

-This experience was the best thing for my dog Odin and I. He is a 115lb Dog Argentino and was the worst at dragging me down the street as a grown man lol. He will now go on walks with the leash just hanging, heel, sit, down, and stay, all with ease. I can talk to people while he’s on leash and him not be distracted or try jumping on them. Donna gave me the confidence to control my dog. Now Odin’s confidence is through the roof and he loves to please me! Thank you Charlie’s!

Joy Ingerman

Thank You!

Thank you, Donna, for helping me convince my “wild child’, Baxter, that I was in charge, not him. He’s learned to correctly respond when I ask him to sit, stay, down, and heel. Walks through the neighborhood are enjoyable with Baxter walking quietly at my side. Before your training, HE decided where we would walk. I would highly recommend Donna and Charlie’s Dog Obedience Training if your dog (and you), need some behavior modification!

Chris Riebsomer

Excellent one-on-one with zero distractions. Our dog made a dramatic change in a short period of time. Would recommend anyone for any level of training.

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